Introduction of Development Area Unnao-Shuklaganj

Unnao-Shuklaganj Development area is spread over two urban areas on is Unnao Urban area and second is Shuklaganj area. This Development Authority area is situated between 80023’E to 80035’E and 26028’N to 26035’N. Unnao town is situated on the junction of NH-27 (Kanpur-Lucknow highway) and SH-50 (Unnao Kanpur State Highway). Lucknow-Kanpur Railway line is passes through these towns. Unnao is situated 18 KM away from the Kanpur City and 57 KM from the Lucknow City.

The major causes are Industrial development and city urban sprawl but city has an uneven and unplanned development during this period. Due to this unplanned development, urban infrastructure facilities overburden in ratio of the city population. Same infrastructure condition is exists in Shuklaganj area due to the closeness of Kanpur city. These conditions exist due to lacking in Enforcement of planned development and can be solved only by planned development.

For planned development of the city, at 7th December 1983; Government had declared the Unnao-Shuklaganj development Area via letter no: 4347/31-2-97-DA81 lucknow; under the Act of Uttar Pradesh Urban Planning and Development Act-1973 by including the Unnao-Shuklaganj town area and 44 villages. For planned development of Unnao-Shuklaganj Authority area, Town and Country Planning Department, UP, had prepared Master plan-2001. After that Government approved this Master Plan via Government order no. 719/37-3-6 maha/86 Dated 03rd June 1988.