Introduction of Development Area Meerut

Situated 70 kilometres away from the National Capital New Delhi, the city stands as the most populated city of the National Capital Region. The population growth rate of this city has been much higher in the last decade compared to other decades. Due to favorable geographical conditions, it is developing at a greater pace, as a major trading and educational center of the Western Uttar Pradesh.

For the purpose of planning and controlling the physical spread of the city, the Meerut Master Plan (1971-91) was implemented after establishing the Meerut Development Zone, by the Uttar Pradesh government. But in this period, due to unauthorized development on a large scale against the present Master Plan, where, on one hand, the practicality of some of the proposals of the Master Plan has almost come to an end, on the other hand, the direction of future development envisaged in the Master Plan also had adverse effects

In addition, in the National capital scheme, policy has also been set in respect to the decentralization of population, economic activities and government undertakings and institutions of the Government of India, in the National Capital Region of the Delhi metropolitan, especially Meerut, the prominent city, in the National Capital Region.

Keeping in mind the above facts, the revision of the present Master Plan (1971-91) became indispensable. In view of the above, after revising the Master Plan, the Town and Country Planning Department, had put the proposals in the Meerut Master Plan 2001, to provide practical nature to the present Master Plan, and for the reimbursement of future requirements of the distinct population, in the National Capital Regional Scheme.

The presented plan has been prepared by the appropriation of creative suggestions of local public, government and semi government, as well as private institutions. I hope this Master Plan will be successful in promoting the future development of Meerut city, as well as, National capital regional plan will also be successful in implementing conceived planning proposals.

Lastly, I would like to mention that the creative suggestions given by the citizens of Meerut city and the hard work done by the City and Country Planning Department, U.P in finalization of the Meerut Master Plan is commendable.