Introduction of Development Area Hapur

Hapud Nagar The important district of Meerut circle of Western UP is a major town of Ghaziabad. Keeping this significance in view, the town has been declared as Primary Town (Regional Center) in the Regional Plan-2001. The city is located at a distance of 55 km from Delhi on National Highway No. 24 and Hapur Nagar is only 30 km away from Meerut, the first metropolitan  in this area and connected to the State Highway number-18.

The city is also connected to the rail link from Delhi and Meerut. The full benefit of the city's important geographical location is not yet reflected in the development of the city. There are many reasons for this scenario, in which the most important reason is lack of planned development.  

Though the Master Plan sanctioned from the city's administration was available, but due to non-availability of any agency for the implementation of those proposals, no proposal has been implemented for the Master Plan, But after the formation of the Hapur-Pealkhwa Development Authority, keeping in view the possibility of quantitative and qualitative changes in the development of the city, the city's Master plan-2005 has been prepared.

The city has been planned for 4.5 lakh population. With the help of the Hapud Master Plan - 2005 being approved by the government and made available through the NRR scheme board, the development of Hapur could definitely be encouraged. I hope the proposal of the Master Plan will start the process of chain development in the city.

I express my best wishes for the success of the development of the city.