Introduction of Development Area Khurja

At present Khurja is a major infustrial and agricultural market town. It is also specially known for its pottery industry and wholesale market of ghee and daal.

Khurja is the second biggest town in Bulandshahar district. As per the 1981 Census, it was the sixth biggest town in Uttar Pradesh region. It is located close to Delhi, Ghaziabad, Bulandshahar, Meerut and Aligarh. It is also a major railway junction as it is located on the trunk railway route that is connected by electrified route to Delhi on one hand and to Kolkata, Varanasi and Kanpur on the other.

It has a geographical, industrial and commercial significance in the National Capital Region and it is proposed to develop employment opportunities at categories two and three, so that the population migration towards Delhi can be checked and it can be directed towards Khurja. Therefore it is proposed to develop this town as a 'regional centre' under the region development scheme of National Capital Region.

  To give the right direction to the city's proposed development and to strengthen its future economic base in order to meet the long term objectives, the Urban and Rural Planning Department , UP, has prepared a Master Plan up to the year 2001. Different proposals have been made to accommodate the proposed 2.5 lakh population as per the region development scheme of National Capital Region, and also to meet the future requirements of the people.

The Master Plan has been prepared keeping in mind the suggestions of the people, organisations and government/ quasi-government departments. I hope this Master Plan will succeed in facilitating the future development of Khurja and implementing the desired objectives of the NCR region development proposals.

    In the end I would like to mention that the suggestions of the people of Khurja, and the efforts of Meerut division's planning section of the City and Village Planning Department, UP, are commendable.