Introduction of Development Area Khatauli

Khatauli city is situated in the Ganga-Yamuna doab and part of Muzaffarnagar district. It is situated on the National Highway no. 58 (Meerut-Muzaffarnagar). In 2001, its population was 58, 655. Economically, Khatauli is a mandi and a service town. All its industrial is based on agricultural output. Trivenisugarmill is the main industry here.

In the absence of a long-term plan over the past decades, the town has seen unplanned growth. As a result, civic amenities in developed and inhabited areas are insufficient. Problems like dense residential areas, shortage of open spaces, encroached and narrow roads, pollution and faulty drainage are increasing every day.

To rectify this kind of unorganized and unplanned growth,Khatauliwas declared a regulated areaby the first government order no. 2564/9-Aa-3-94-17 R-92 dated10.07.1995 under the Uttar Pradesh (Regulating Building Constructions) Act, 1958. It included Khatauli Municipal Council and 10 villages in the vicinity. Thereafter, it was made a part of Muzaffarnagar development area by government order no. .. under the Uttar Pradesh Urban Planning Developent Act, 1973. At the request of Muzaffarnagar Development Authority, a Master Plan 2021 for Khatauli town has been made. In this, keeping the estimated population of 2021 in mind, provisions for various civic amenities, roads and land used has been made. The Master Plan will be given a final shape after inviting objections and suggestions from public, various organisations and government.

I express my gratitude to the Vice-Chairperson and members of Muzaffarnagar Development Authority Board and also to citizens who contributed in the making of this Master Plan.

I hope they will continue to give their support for the successful execution of this plan.