Mission / Vision Statement

Town & Country Planning is an art and technique which analyses human relationships and co-ordinates human activities by establishing an organic link between places of living, working and recreating and communicating. This has now developed into a full-fledged science and with an integrated approach to the rational use of land in the town and country, efficient circulation of people and goods, provision of housing as well as public utilities and services and community facilities and synthesis of all within the framework of a comprehensive development plan. Town & Country Planning is, thus, a multi-disciplinary subject in which a broad spectrum of diverse interests and professions such as Engineering, Architecture, Economics, Sociology, Geography, Law and administration come into play necessitating a synoptic approach to the problem of the human settlements. The Town & Country Planner endeavour to achieve an orderly and integrated development of villages and town by conducting surveys and studies, preparing comprehensive development plans and implementing them by phased programmes. The Planner’s work is throughout permeated by a sense of aesthetics securing the full participation of the public in the process of plan preparation and plan-effectuation. Therefore, the Town & Country Planning may be precisely defined as to create a well-balanced syntheses of what might otherwise be a more collection of separate policies and claims, to combine them into one consistent policy for the use and development of land with in the area in question, to devise the means of translating this policy in the physical conditions of that area into a plan that is practical, economic and aesthetically pleasing and to organise the carrying through the realisation of the development for which the plan has made provision.