Profile of Town & Country Planning Department U.P.

The Town & Country Planning Department, U.P. is the government department for the preparation of master plan for cities and towns, along with Zonal Development Plan. Department is also technical advisor to the Government for all matters related to Urban Planning. It also provides guidance and technical assistance to all the Development Authorities, Regulated Areas and Urban Local Bodies of the State of Uttar Pradesh. Other than this the department is also involved in framing out the State Housing Policies, Buildings Bye Laws, Zoning Regulations with reference to the administrative control of Housing and Urban Planning Department of the State of Uttar Pradesh. The department also assists the government for creation of new Regulated Areas, Development Authorities and Special Area Development Authorities etc.

"The objective of the Town & country Planning Department is to guide physical development of towns through preparation of master plans, Sector/Zonal plans, schemes along with providing technical advice to various government departments, local bodies and other government agencies."