Organization & Its Function (Manual - I)

The particulars of organisation and its functions

(Reference: Section 4 (1) (b) (i) of RTI Act, 2005)

The genesis of Town Planning Department begins with setting up of a temporary Town Planning Wing in the Central Planning Office under the Rural Development Department of the Government vide G.O. no. 10201-R/XII-C-DC-579/ 48, Lucknow, dated 30th November, 1948 for village planning especially rehabilitation of villages washed away in the floods of 1948 and for preparation of housing schemes for the rehabilitation of displaced persons consequent to the partition of India. In the year 1949,Town Planning Office was separated from the Central Planning Office and was placed under the administrative control of Municipal Development Department Local Self Government Engineering Department In 1950. It was accorded independent status vide U.P. Government Municipal (B) Department 634 p/XII-B-39 P-1949, dated 22 nd April, 1950 with the Town and Village Planner as its Head of the Department. The objective of the department was to prepare maps for various Development Schemes of Local Bodies especially for Lucknow, Varanasi, Agra, Prayagraj and Kanpur. Besides, it was mandatory to seek approval from the Town & Country Planning Department for any large building such as Court, Hospital, sewage treatment plant, workshop etc. Since then, this department has been functioning as a technical adviser to the government and other departments related to Urban Planning.

At present, the department is equipped with divisional planning offices at commissionery level, National Capital Region Planning Cell at Ghaziabad, Traffic & Transportation Cell, Physical Survey Division at Headquarters.


The main functions of Town & Country Planning Department are mentioned below :-

  • To provide technical advice to the State Government on matters related to Housing and Urban Planning.
  • To assist the State Government in formulation of policies related to Housing and Urban Planning.
  • To prepare Building Bye-laws, Compounding Bye-laws and Zoning Regulations as well as proposals for their amendment under the relevant Acts as per the directions of the Government.
  • To provide technical advice to the Development Authorities, Special Area Development Authorities, Controlling Authorities, Industrial Area Development Authorities, Express Industrial Development Authorities & U.P. Housing and Development Board on matters pertaining to Housing and Urban Planning.
  • To prepare Master Plans/Zonal Development Plans for Development Areas, Special Development Areas and Regulated Areas.
  • To prepare base maps through physical survey for Master Plans/ Zonal Development Plans and Lay-out Plans after charging the prescribed fee from the concerned agencies.
  • To prepare sub-regional plan for U.P. sub-region under the National Capital Region (NCR) and to assist in the implementation/monitoring of schemes of N.C.R.
  • To prepare proposals for declaration/amendment of Development Areas/Special Development Areas/Regulated Areas.
  • To provide technical advice to Development Authorities, Urban Local Bodies for planning and improvement of Traffic & Transportation System.

The main functions of different units working under the department are mentioned below:-

Sambhagiya Niyojan Khand (Divisional Level)

There are 12 Sambhagiya Niyojan Khand offices working at divisional level i.e. Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi, Meerut, Prayagraj , Gorakhpur, Moradabad, Agra, Bareilly, Jhansi, Faizabad and Azamgarh. These offices prepare Master Plans/Zonal Development Plans for Development Authorities/Special Area Development Authorities / Regulated Areas after being declared as agency by the respective authority as well as provide guidance and assistance to these Authorities in matters pertaining to Urban Planning.

National Capital Region (N C R ) Planning Cell

This cell, has been set up at Ghaziabad for preparation of Regional Plan for U.P. Sub-Region of N.C.R. and for co-ordination and monitoring the progress of different schemes and related works of N.C.R.

I.D.S.M.T. Scheme

To contain the population of big towns and to control the out- migration from small and medium towns to large towns, the scheme for Integrated Development of Small & Medium Towns ((I.D.S.M.T) was being implemented in the State. The progress of this scheme was monitored by 5 Central units and 17 Local units which have been established in different towns of the State.The IDSMT Scheme has been now subsumed in new scheme of UIDSSMT.Under urben development department.

Traffic and Transportation Appraisal Unit

Traffic Transportation Planning and appraisal unit has been created at the headquarters of the department to find solutions to the fast emerging traffic problems of large cities of the State and to provide guidance and assistance to Local Bodies/Authorities in preparation of short and long term schemes related to Traffic and Transportation.

Physical Survey Division

This division carries out physical surveys and prepares Base Maps for Master Plans/Zonal Development Plans /Lay-out Plans.

Singrauli Planning Unit

This unit was established to prepare the Master Plan/Zonal Development Plan of ShaktiNagar Special Development Area and to provide technical guidance to the ShaktiNagar Special Area Development Authority. 

Hapur Planning Unit

This unit was established for the execution of centrally funded schemes at Hapur. Presently this unit is attached to Nation Capital Region Planning Cell and is assisting this cell in discharging its various functions.