Introduction of Regulated Area Shahganj (Jaunpur)

The headquarters town of the tahsil is situated in Lat. 260 3’ N. and long. 820 42’ E., at a distanc of 35 km. north of Jaunpur. It owes its origin to Suja-ud-daula who built a market place here, a baradari and a dargah in honour of Shah Hazrat Ali, from which are derived the name of the town itself and of its three muhallas, Shahganj, Aliganj and Husainganj. It is situated on the metalled road from Jaunpur to Faizabad. A branch metalled road leads north-eastwards to Azamgarh, and a second metalled road leads to Kadipur in Sultanpur district. It is connected by rail from Faizabad, Azamgarh, Mau and Varanasi by the Railway.