Introduction of Regulated Area Sankisa (Farrukhabad)

The village Sankisa Basantpur located at 47 KM away from the tehsil Farrukhabad of the district is a sacred place for the Buddhists. Sankisa Basantpur is located 10 KM away from railway station Pakhna on Farrukhabad Mainpuri railway route. Famous Chinese traveler Huwen Tsang and other Chinese travelers mentioned in their reports about Sankisa which is located on the remains of a hillock. Elephant pillar of King Ashoka recovered from the excavation of the hillock, is established here. A stone idol of lord Buddh is located on a plinth nearby the elephant pillar. As far as physical development is concerned, commercial activities are expanded here alongside the road.

Sankisa Basantpur has an important place in tourism map. A total area of 2726.82 Hectare has been promulgated including the area under the jurisdiction of 10 villages of Farrukhabad tehsil by Uttar Pradesh Housing Section-3 notification number 1922/9-A-3-97-3 R.A./97 dated 19 August 1997, for the domestic and foreign tourists visiting here to see the ruins of Buddh religion as well as with the view to protect the heritage by Uttar Pradesh Construction Works Regulation Act, 1958 keeping in view the unmanaged distribution of land, unplanned construction of buildings, to prevent the expansion of low level colonies and to provide an expansion and development of the area in a planned manner.

Population of Sankisa is 3779 as per the census records of 2011 and the details of total 10 villages come under Sankisa Regulated Area is as under:-

S.No. Name of villages
1. Sankisa Basantpur
2. Pakhna and Hamir Kheda
3. Pakhna
4. Pamar Khidiya
5. Sithoulee
6. Khurrampur
7. GurUsadi Nagar
8. Bakarpur
9. Punpal Pur
10. Bankati