Introduction of Regulated Area Najibabad (Bijnor)

Najibabad, which has been administered as a municipality since 1866, lies in Lat. 290 37’ N. and Long. 780 21’ E.  at a distance of about 50 km. north-east from the district headquarters. It is situated at the junction of the metalled roads running from Bijnor on the south-west, Nihtaur on the south, Nagina on the south-east, Kot Qadir on the east, Kotdwara on the north-east and Hardwar on the north-west. The Railway line passes to the south of the town.

Along the north-eastern outs kinds flow the Malin river. The town is well above the flood level an is well drained by the ravines leading down to the Malin.

The town was founded in the days of the Rohilla occupation and derives its name from Nijib-ud-daula, who made it the headquarters of the pargana instead of Jalalabad. In 1755 he built the great fort of Pathargarh or Najafgarh, which stands about 2 km. to the east and which is now in ruins. It was constructed of brick and stone, the latter having been taken, it is said, from the more ancient castls of Mordhwaj. It was a square building and was surrounded by an embattled wall, with bastions at each angle and gateways on each side, the chief being that opening towards the town. The tomb of Najib-ud-daula stands to the south of the town and to the north is that of his brother, Jahangir Khan, hich was constructed in 1806. The name of Najib-ud-daula’s son, Zabita Khan, is preserved in the name of the Zabitganj ward, comprises the eastern portion of the town.