Introduction of Regulated Area Maunathbhanjan (Mau)

In Purvanchal, Uttar Pradesh, on the bank of Toss River, under the Azamgarh Mandal, headquarters of Mau district is situated, whose basic economy depends on agriculture, handlooms and powerloom industry. Just like other towns, due to lack of effective planning and population growth, development of town is going on irregular basis, which causes unbalanced distribution of land uses and facilities, which makes the condition of town worst.

For the settlement of these problems, under Uttar Pradesh (Construction Work Regulation) Act-1958, State government by notification number-1982/37/3-86-3-आर0ए-86, Dated 31 August, 1986, declared Maunath Bhanjan as Regulated Area, after which by government order number-2776/9-आ-396-3 आर0ए0/86 dated 04 July, 1996 area of Regulated area is extended.

With the motive to develop the town and to provide proper guidance to the town, work for preparation of Maha Yojna for Maunath Bhanjan Town Area is handed over to Azamgarh Regional Planning Section of Town and Country Planning Department, Uttar Pradesh. Maha Yojna of Regulated Area Maunath Bhanjan for year 2021 is prepared for projected population of town i.e., 4 lac 60 thousand. After approval of Maha Yojna (Format)-2021 on 19.07.03 in the meeting of Controlling Authority, suggestions and grievances are invited from public, in Office of Maunath Bhanjan Nagra Palika Parishad and Office of Regulated Area Maunath Bhanjan, Collectorate Premises, from date 25.09.03 to 24.11.03.

Above Maha Yojna (format)-20, while exhibited for 61 days instead of 30 days, no grievances/suggestions are received from public or semi-public institutions. After giving sufficient time for receiving Grievances/Suggestions for Maha Yojna (Format)-2021, consideration are taken in the meeting of Controlling Officer on 29.11.03 and proposal for approval has been done and is forwarded to government for the final approval.

(Vijay Kumar Gupta)
Chief Town and Country Planner