Introduction of Regulated Area Mangalayatan (Aligarh and Mahamayanagar)

Teerthdham mangalayatan, complex is promoted developed by shri Adindh Kund-Kund digamber jain turst at Aligarh considered as one of the largest jain religious centres of ist kind in the country.
It is auspiciousness of tirthanvar lord mahavir, infinit teerthanvara, five supereme being, lord manscirpt, pujya gurudev his follower champaben and with the help of great personalities that the built teerthdham mangalayatan is a meditation land of the followers of truth.
The place falls under the limits of village sansi, birth place of pt. daulatramji the revered writer of popular jain scripture shri chheh-dhala, Aligarh is linked to major cities of the country by rail and road. It takes about three hours to reach new delhi, the capital of India, by road railway journey to the city also takes the same time. The nearest airport is agra. The Aligarh-new delhi road linkes near about 135 km. while the railway route between the two cities is 110 km. agra and Mathura cities are 65 and 50 km. away from Aligarh, respectively the temple-cum-research complex is situated on the Aligarh-agra highway, at distance of around 13 km from Aligarh.