Introduction of Regulated Area Jaunpur (Jaunpur)

In ancient time, Jaunpur was established on both bank of Gomti River, then famous by the name of ‘Aadi Ganga’. The ancient monuments like Shahi Pul, Jama Masjid, Atala Masjid etc are some example of fine architecture, which makes the town more attractive.

According to the Maha Yojna of Jaunpur town, to assure the uniformed development of the town, under the (Uttar Pradesh Work Regulations) Act, 1958, Government Vigyapti number -4292/37-3-173 नि0का0वि0-72, dated 7.4.1973 declared Jaunpur as a regulated area and by the amended vigyapti number- 4763/37-3-173 नि0का0वि0-72, dated 12.12.1973, by including Nagar Palika Region, Jaunpur this is again notified. In 1973, under regulated area border, Nagar Palika Region and 233 villages are included and for 1.5 lac projected population Jaunpur Maha Yojna 1973-2001 is prepared, under which 2569 hectare land-area is being proposed for various land uses, out of which 64.43% area of town is developed.

With the motive to uniform and regularize the development of town, Controlling Authority, Regulated Area, Jaunpur meeting was held on 21.01.1999 and as per the decision taken Jaunpur Maha Yojna (Format) was prepared by Varanasi Regional Planning Section of Town and Country Planning Department, Uttar Pradesh.

As per Maha Yojna, 2001, expected population of Jaunpur was 1,50,000, whereas in year 2001 population was 1,60,055. For the year 2021, approximate population is 3.0 lac and as per the projected population, proper provisions are made for the need of various needs of the town, residential need, industrial need, community facilities, park and open area.

On Jaunpur Maha Yojna-2021, various grievances and suggestions are received from administrative and semi-administrative departments and after working over it and their settlement, it is being finally approved by Controlling Authority Committee, Regulated Area Jaunpur, on 15.01.2007.