Introduction of Regulated Area Hardoi (Hardoi)

In geographical point of view, Hardoi district situated at the middle of Uttar pradesh in ganganetic plain. Sitapur is situated in the east, Shahjanpur in the west, Khiri in the north and Farukhabad in the south of this district. This town is situated at the junction of the SH-25 and SH-21 at latitude 27023’ N and longitude 800 7’ E. This town well connected with Lucknow, Bareilly and Shahjahanpur by the SH-25. In addition, Amritsar-Hawada Main-Railway Line connects this town with the other important cities of northern region.

No historical evidences have been available for chronological development of Hardoi city but some well-know legends and folk-tales tells that Hinrnyakashyap, the king of That era’s; had established this town; which was ruined by the “Gaud” in leadership of “Sale Singh”. Mainly this city has been developed during British Rule and the Collectorate, Nagar palika, Jail, Victoria-Hall, Civil court etc important buildings and establishment were constructed and developed during British era. Important commercial areas such as Railwayganj and Sadar Bazar were also developed during this period along with residential area.

For planned development of Hardoi town, Hardoi Nagar Palika area along with 41 revenue villages has been declared as regulated area under section 3(1) of UP Regulation of Building Operations Act 1958 on 28-06-1986. At present Harodi Master Plan 2011 is effective for regulated area. Hardoi regulated area comprises of 16607 hectors. According to Census 2011 population of regulated area is 293490 out of which 197029 persons resides in urban area and 96491 persons resides in rural area. Literacy rate in Regulated area is 66.53 percent. Urban area literacy rate is 71.98% and in rural area is 55.39 % only.