Introduction of Regulated Area Ghazipur (Ghazipur)

Ghazipur, situated on the North side of Ganga River in Eastern Uttar Pradesh, holds an important place in medium category towns. Southern-East boundary of this town touches the Bihar state and along with the construction of new flyover, one can easily get access to Bihar state and other major provinces. At present, this city is headquarter of Ghazipur district and the principal administrative, educational and commercial centre. It has direct link to all the major cities of the state and the country by the North-Eastern Railway's Varanasi-Chhapra Railroad (chhoti line) and Dildarnagar Tarigat branch line of East Railway (badi line). Apart from this, many state roads and national roads have also been linked to this city with many big cities of the state and the country.

Till now, this town is developed as administrative, commercial and service centre, but now with the possible urbanization process, it get affected, which has accelerated the rapid growth of this town. Population of this town in 1971 was 45,635, which increased to 33.03% in 1981, which made the population 60,725. The growth rate of population and physical expansion of town is totally inverse to community services, needs and improvisation of services. Whereas physical development of town is too irregular, imbalanced and unplanned, which results to the growth of problems of towns, which increased the complication for Town Planner. With the point of view of physical development of the town, it has been decided to prepare Maha Yojna for the town. As the motive of Maha Yojna is to set a long-term development plan for any town, so that problems could be solved for long-term and with the point of view of the population, needs can be fulfilled and for better future aspects, provisions could be framed. To achieve this target, a long-term Development Plan has been prepared till year 2001 for this town, which will provide all the basic need of this town of population 1,90,000 (estimated population of 2001).

Keeping possible development in mind, Ghazipur Nagar Palika and 47 villages attached to its boundary are included, and under Uttar Pradesh Building Work Regulation Act 1958, government order number 408/37-3-85-6 आर.ए./83 date 26 अप्रैल, 1985, declared them as regulated area. For preparation of this Maha Yojna for regulated areas, in the meeting of Controlling Authority, Regulated Areas, Ghazipur on dated 29-7-85 by order number-02, on basis of which Town and Country Planning Department is selected as agency by government order number-4298/37-3-12 महा0/85 dated 31 August, 1986.

After getting the responsibility of preparation of Maha Yojna for Ghazipur town, Varanasi division of Town and Country Planning conducted survey and detailed study of town, regarding housing problems, education, health, entertainment, water drainage, waste management, electricity and water supply, construction of present routes, economic structure, commerce, industry, population growth, physical structure of town etc. After detailed study, and keeping in mind the estimated population of 2001 a balanced and planned long-term format of Mahayojna is planned. In this context, the Maha Yojna that has been prepared, is approved by Controlling Authority in the meeting held on 29.07.85 and decision has been taken for publishing Maha Yojna under Section 10 (A) (3) of 1960 guidelines of Uttar Pradesh Development Work Regulation Act 1958, for receiving of feedbacks and suggestions from public. As per decision taken, Maha Yojna is being published from 28.02.86 to 30.04.86 and citizens of Ghazipur and regulated areas seen it and around 7,000 suggestions are being received. Department and Chairman/Controlling Authority conducted a detailed study, inspection has been conducted of concerned areas, and with immediate effect meeting has been conducted by Controlling Authority, Regulated Area, Ghazipur on 25.03.87 and 25.04.87, over the suggestions received. In these meetings, Controlling Authority Committee, listened to every grievances and suggestions and as per the condition of the area, decision has been taken and Town and Country Planning Department has been directed for making important amendments in Maha Yojna Format, after which, the final format of Maha Yojna has been prepared, which is being presented to Controlling Authority on 25.06.87 by Town and Country Planning Department, which was finalized by the Controlling Authority and Chief Town and Village Planner has been authorized to forward it to the UP government for approval. In this context, Chief Town and Country Planner, Town and Country Planning Department, Uttar Pradesh has forwarded Ghazipur Maha Yojna year 2001 to Uttar Pradesh Government for approval.