Introduction of Regulated Area Farrukhabad-Fatehgarh (Farrukhabad)

Farrukhabad-Fatehgarh Nagar is one of developing towns of Uttar Pradesh. This town is famous for cloth printing and Potato Market. As per 1981, population of town was 1,45,793. Population increased in decade 1971 to 1981 was 41.99%. This decade growth rate is the driving force of the development trend in this city.

Due to the rapid pace of physical development and population constraints of the population in the city, the unplanned construction process is going on fast, resulting in various types of problems such as traffic problems, encroachment of roads, pollution and environmental impact of open spaces and problems like lack of community facilities and services etc. are increasing day by day. So for the solution of various problems those are faced in this town, under Government Notification Number 2793/37/3-164-एन0के0वि0/78 dated 7-2-81, along with Farrukhabad-Fatehgarh towns, 61 villages comes under its boundary are included, and is promulgated as regulated area. After it, through government notification number 2793/6/27-3-164/एन0के0वि0/78 dated 13-2-81, appointed authority, regulated area Farrukhabad-Fatehgarh was declared.

Through Notification number 2793/3/37-3-164/एन0के0वि0/78 dated 13-2-81, constituting of Controlling Authority for Farrukhabad-Fatehgarh Regulated Area was declared and meeting of Controlling Authority, held on 20.11.81 decided to appoint ‘Town and Country Planning Department’ Uttar Pradesh Lucknow as an agency to prepare Maha Yojna of Farrukhabad-Fatehgarh Regulated Area.

Before preparing format of Maha Yojna of Farrukhabad-Fatehgarh, Town and Country Planning Department, has conducted survey and did study of problems of towns like, population, physical development, social and ecocomical condition of families, government offices, encroached roads and streets etc. and data of the same is also accumulated. After doing detailed study, valid and beneficial proposal has been presented. This Maha Yojna was prepared for the year 2001.

Through Controlling Authority, after approval of Farrukhabad-Fathegarh Maha Yojna, this has been published in several daily newspaper and suggestions and feedbacks are welcomed from the public, so that it could be favourable to the citizen of the town. After doing detail study over the suggestions and feedbacks that were received over Farrukhabad-Fatehgarh Maha Yojna, this has been finalized.