Introduction of Regulated Area Etawah

Around 140 K.M. away from Kanpur Nagar, on National Highway number-02 and on Hawarha-Delhi Railway line Etawah is situated, which is not only District Headquarter, but also one of the most important business centres, which deals with agricultural products, Ghee and Handloom Clothes.

In year 1884, Etawah was declared as Nagar Palika. Irregular distribution of land, unplanned construction of buildings and preventing low level colonization and with the motive of planned development of town, government order number 1015/37-3-86-5-आर.ए./84 date 25 June, 1986, declared Etawah as regulated area. To provide proper guidance to unplanned development of the town, first Maha Yojna-2001 of Nagar is prepared, which is approved by government order number 4106(1)/9-आ-3-93 महा./86 Date 20.10.94. In year 2010, under the vision of possible development of the region, Etawah and 19 other villages were included in Etawah Regulated Area by government order 4663/8-3-2010-04-आर.ए./95 टी.सी. लखनऊ Date 09 December, 2010.

Format of Etawah Maha Yojna-2021 was prepared through Regional Planning Division, Kanpur by Controlling Authority, Etawah Regulated Area, with the motive of development of other 19 villages with proper planning, after completion of time period of Etawah Mahayojna-2001 approved by government. It is estimated that population of town by the year 2021 will be 4.60 lac. With various surveys, study and on the basis of analysing, evaluation has been done for the need of population by the year 2021 and proper proposal has been made for housing, trade, industrial, community services, needs, entertainment, transportation and other services etc.

Before finalizing the proposed format of Maha Yojna, feedbacks and suggestions will be welcomed from citizens, representatives of development and various concerned government, semi-government and non-government organisations for format of Maha Yojna 2021 and after concerning over it, decision will be taken. After including the recommendations and suggestions in Maha Yojna, it has been forwarded to Government, after getting approval from Controlling Office as on 26.06.2013. It has been directed for including land use of Uttar Pradesh Cooperative Spinning Mill in Etawah Maha Yojna-2021 (format) from ‘Industrial’ to ‘housing’ for use of Uttar Pradesh Housing and Development Board by letter number 507/8-3-15-02 महा./13 date 01 May, 2015. In sequence of above guidelines, meeting of Controlling Authority, Regulated Area, Etawah is being held, on 31.07.2015 for above land use, and it has been decided that as per the provisions of R.B.O. Act-1958, feedbacks, suggestions and recommendations will be welcomed from public, but no such recommendations or feedbacks were received. So as per the directions of the government, it has been decided in the meeting of Controlling Authority on 14.09.2015, that for the approval of the above land use, Etawah Maha Yojna-2021 is forwarded to the government for approval.