Introduction of Regulated Area Bharatna (Etawah)

Bharthana city is tehsil headquarters and located on Kanpur-Delhi main railway route at the distance of 120 KM from Kanpur, 21 KM from Etawah and 190 KM from Lucknow. Development of Bharthana becomes possible as important service centre being located on Bakewar – Mainpuri state highway. In nearby cities of Bharthana Ikdil, Achalda, Vidhuuna and Lakhna are notable. Being located in the Doaab area this region is very fertile and plain. Due to this specialty, the area is quite suitable for agriculture and has much potential of development of agro based industries.

Bharthana Regulated Area was promulgated vide a notification No. 1360/9-A-3-92-6 R.A./92 Lucknow dated 30 July, 1992 from Avas Section-3 of Government of Uttar Pradesh by inclusion of 21 villages from Bharthana Municipality and Bharthana Tehsil, which has a total area of 7330.77 Hect. It was done in order to put a check on in order to put a check on unmanaged distribution of buildings and increase of low standard colonies and keeping in view the planned development and extension of the area. Bharthana municipality has a population of 44120 as per census records of 2011 and expanded in the area of 600 Hect. Following villages of Bharthana Municipality and Bharthana Tehsil are included in Regulated Area Bharthana :-

S.No. Name of Village S.No. Name of Village
1. Gopiyaganj 12. Asafpur
2. Bholi 13. Kandhesi Pachar
3. Ramaayan 14. Hajipur
4. Mahmoodpur 15. Samaspur
5. Pali Kala 16. Rampur
6. Sujipur 17. Kutubpur
7. Sahajpur, Gyanpur 18. Biroudhee
8. Bhodhee 19. Bharthana Dehat Area
9. Kubra 20. Seehpura
10. Turakpur Pachar 21. Ninava
11. Pipripur pachar