Introduction of Regulated Area Barabanki (Barabanki)


Barabanki is a city of Uttar Pradesh State in Faizabad Division of India. It is the administrative head quarter of Barabanki District. The city is about 29 Km. east of Lucknow, coordinates 26.920N and 81.20E. Elevation is 125m (410 ft). As data of 2011 census, the Barabanki urban agglomeration had a population of 146831, with 77766 males and 69065 females and density 331/km2.

Regulated Area

For well planned development of the Barabanki town Uttar Pradesh State Government had declared the area under the border of Barabanki Nagar Palika Parishad and Town Area Navabganj and 22 revenue villages of Tehsil Navabganj, District Barabanki as Barabanki Regulated Area by notification No. 597/XXXVII-3-86-4-R-A84 Lucknow Dated July 21, 1986 amended notification No. 4631/IX-A-3-92-4-R-A-84 Lucknow, Dated February 03, 1993 and notification No. 778/IX-A-3-93-4-R-A-84 Lucknow, Dated March 19, 1993

Master Plan's Status

Barabanki Master Plan-2021 approved by Uttar Pradesh Government is effective in Regulated Area Barabanki at present.