Introduction of Regulated Area Auraiya (Auraiya)

Auraiya is a newly created district located in the southern western portion of Uttar Pradesh. Earlier it was a tehsil headquarters of district Etawah. This district is located at 65 KM from district Etawah, 135 KM from Farrukhabad, 110 KM from Kanpur and 42 KM from Jalaun on National Highway No. 2. This city is much important owing to Gas Authority Of India Ltd and National Thermal Power Corporation established here. Ghee and agro products are main businesses of this district. Background area of Auraiya is well prosperous with agriculture. A total area of 7257.07 Hectare has been promulgated as Auraiya Regulated Area including the area under the jurisdiction of Auraiya Municipal Corporation and 31 villages of Auraiya district by Uttar Pradesh Housing Section-3 notification number 2989/9-A-3-2002-1 R.A./98 dated 28 September, 2002 under Uttar Pradesh Construction Works Regulation Act, 1958 keeping in view the unmanaged distribution of land, unplanned construction of buildings, to prevent the expansion of low level colonies and to provide an expansion and development of the area in a planned manner. In this, 424.0 hectare area of Auraiya Municipal Corporation and 6833.07 hectare area of 31 villages of Auraiya tehsil is included. Total population of Auraiya district is 87736 as per the census records of 2011.

Names of villages come under tehsil Auraiya District Auraiya under the Auraiya Regulated Area are as follows:-

S.No. Name of Village S.No. Name of Village
1. Padheen 17. Jarhoulia
2. Faridpur 18. Kasba Khanpur
3. Malhepur 19. Paigambarpur
4. Bharatpur 20. Dwarikapur Auraiya
5. Nirottampur 21. Bhagwantpur
6. Kakor 22. Kharka
7. Dudhia Khera 23. Anepur
8. Narayanpur 24. Samratpur
9. Rahatpur 25. Araji  Munjabta
10. Bharsain 26. Shanpur Imam Ali
11. Suran 27. Auraiya
12. Jaitapur 28. Barhmhupur
13. Dhouraira 29. Madhupur
14. Bahiropur 30. Rotiyapur
15. Nandanpur 31. Pirhooli
16. Bhikhampur