Introduction of Regulated Area Kannauj (Kannauj)

Kannauj, is one of the most important spot from history and cultural point of view. From 6th Century to 12 Century, this town is honoured with the title of ‘First Town’ of North India. At present Kannauj, is a small town of Tehsil level in Farrukhabad district, but still it is famous for its perfume business across the nation and world. As per the population of 1991, Kannauj is a second category town which is fourth at Etawah and Farrukhabad-Fatehgarh in Kanpur circle and on 2nd greatest town in Farrukhabad district.

Under the Kannuaj Nagar Palika region, three main population of Kannauj Khas, Saraimeer, Makrand Nagar are included. Main population Kannauj Khas stays at historical ruins of ancient Harshkalin town. This town contains historical fame and cultural importance which is ignored in last few decades, which results into the damage of many historical buildings and importance of culture. Beside this since last few decades development of this town is irregular and unsystematic, which is continued even today. Due to lack of better planning, this unsystematic construction is kept on growing, which results in ruining the attraction of historical and archaeological places. Besides this, infrastructural problems, various community facilities and services problems like health, medical, water supply, water and sewerage problem, electricity supply, garbage disposal and entertainment/refreshment facility etc. are also a major issue, which are needed to be sorted out. Despite having a city unit, urbanization of Kannauj is not done, properly.

To stop the irregular development and construction in the town and to assure the town development as per the Maha Yojna, State government by government order number-2299/37-3-86-1 आर0ए0-85 dated 31.8.1986 under Uttar Pradesh (Construction Work Regulation) Act, 1958 declared Kannauj Nagar Palika and adjacent 18 villages as regulated areas. Government order number 3883/37-3-86/2 महा0/87 dated 5.1.1987 declared Town and Country Planning Department, Uttar Pradesh as an agency to prepare Maha Yojna of Regulated area. Before preparing Maha Yojna proposals by this department, not only information and data is being collected from various agencies, departments and organisations and institutions, but idea exchanges regarding Maha Yojna and development of town is done at various levels. Thus, after extensive study and analysis of the economic base of the city, employment, housing, acquisition structure and historical sites, Maha Yojna is prepared with the motive to ensure the supply of needs as per the planning criteria of various demands of projected population of 2011 i.e., 1,26,000.

Under Maha Yojna, to improvise the situation and disfigured physical view of the town, grouping of narrow residential areas, unification of the city's decomposed development, preservation of historical and archaeological sites, preservation of flower farming and preservation of classy agricultural land, improvement and redevelopment of existing residential areas etc. proposal are received. Besides this, as per the economic policy of the government, for creation of employment in tertiary economic actions, in the residential areas, there is provision for allowing mixed use of land based on the permission of family industries and environmental parameters.

Kannauj Maha Yojna (format) is finally approved and prepared by Controlling Authority after receiving suggestions/grievances from public, local bodies, government/semi-government departments, institutions and local citizens.